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Our clients demand ever more services; and higher quality requirements, therefore Industrias Eléctricas Sánchez work according to standards ISO 9001 and introduce the culture of Quality and Continuous Improvement in the company.

Providing a reliable transformer is the best guarantee we can give our clients, for this reason, the quality is a permanent objective for Industrias Electricas Sánchez.

The quality management system is reviewed periodically by management of IESA, to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness. In this way, we can achieve greater Quality objectives.

certificado dnv transformadores córdoba certificado repPro transformadores córdoba

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Nº 24711-2008-AQ-IBE-ENAC
ISO 9001 : 2000

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Nº RePro: 301.735

The design, development and manufacture of transformers is performed also pursuing a plan for continuous improvement of processes, and a system of quality assurance in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 recognized by DNV since 2008 with registration No. 24711-2008 -AQ-IBE-ENAC.
Industrias Eléctricas Sánchez S.L. is certified by Repro registration number 301 735. The certificate Repro is a supplier rating system managed by Achilles South Europe, which operates in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Through this management tool, all participating companies can access a database that contains information on the company and its products, updated periodically.